Refund Policy

We all have rainy days

Refund and Weather Policy

You will find these policies outlined at various places throughout our website but they are so important we have dedicated an entire page to them.

Weather Policy:

Unfortunately weather isn't predictable and while we have some knowledge of when things are going to happen we don't always receive accurate forecasts. Our policy is simple... If there is a chance of rain and you want to risk it then we will setup, but as soon as we show up at the location, full payment is due. If it is already raining we will not setup. If we get there and it starts raining you are still responsible for FULL payment. We will call before we come asking you what you want to do. If you decide to call it off due to the weather then .

Should you decide to have us bring the inflatable to you and it does rain on the unit you will also be responsible for an extra clean up fee unless the unit was a wet unit. Most of the units we offer are dry units. The material is different from those that can get wet. While similar they are not the same. Getting the dry units wet can cause perminent damage. Unfortunately when they do get wet more clean up is involved and thus a $40 fee is applied.

The weather policy not only includes rain or stormy weather but also and maybe more importantly high winds. Safety is our number one priority so high winds are something we can not and will not battle. If winds exceed 20mph (including gusts) the day of the event we WILL NOT setup. There is too much liability and too much at stake. The risk is just not worth it. While it may be disappointing for everyone involved to see a sunny day outside but winds exceeding 20mph, it is whats best. We will apologize and hope that you use us in the future. Safety is not something we will jeopardize for anyone. NO exceptions.

Refund Policy:

Our refund policy is is also fairly straight forward. If you cancel your reservation with fewer than 7 FULL days from your event all payments will be forfeited to Jumping monkeys, with the exception of weather related cancellations. Weather related cancellations are ONLY permitted on the day of the event. The reason for the charge is obvious, but a cancellation with fewer than 7 days had not allowed us sufficient time to find a new renter and therefore we are out the income. If you decide to cancel greater than 7 FULL days from your event we will return the full payments made to that point.

If you decide to cancel due to weather or greater than 7 days out and would like to find another date we will be glad to apply the payments made to the future event within 12 months of the previous payment made. Again, 12 months from the event date. CANCELLATIONS ON THE DAY OF FOR WEATHER RELATED ISSUES ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO USE THE DEPOSIT TOWARD ANOTHER DATE OR DEPOSIT IS FORFEITED. This is standard among most rental companies. You may apply that deposit as a raincheck to another rental within 12 months of the schedued event.

It is our goal to provide the best customer service possible. We want you to enjoy your event and leave the hard work to us. We will work with you as best we can but we will not sacrifice the safety of all parties involved due to weather or any other reason.


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